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Our Staff


The team of Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC is comprised of a group of professionals collaboratively working to assist in the preparation of adoption process.  As dedicated professionals, we work together to make the pre and post adoption experience as easy and stress free as possible.



Linda Wynn, M.S.

Linda is the President and Owner of Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC. She's earned a Master's Degree in Special Education from Lehman College in New York and devoted her life to teaching children of all ages for more than 18 years. Linda's calling led her to do more with her life for children. It has been her mission, calling and she is driven  to assist adoptive families so they can fulfill their dreams. She has extensive experience, of more than 14 years, working in the adoption field both internationally and domestically. She and her husband, David, are the parents of two adopted children from Guatemala.



All information provided to Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC is strictly confidential.


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