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For more than 14 years, we've successfully united adoptive families with their child(ren) both domestically and internationally.  Linda Wynn began this journey of assisting others after two very stressful and unsuccessful adoptions.  Her longing, calling, mission and drive to help others become a family in a less stressful way became her passion. 

Linda Wynn collaborates with Kenneth M. Kaplan, Esquire.  You can visit his website at to learn more about him and his legal process.  Together the Law Offices of Kenneth M. Kaplan and AAC can work with you to accomplish your goals.

In order to be considered for any situation or just to submit a Free Application to be in our database, please complete our application and submit it to  or fax it to 561-526-2528.  This begins the process of fulfilling your dream!  We look forward to learning about you, your individual adoption goals and assisting in your plans.

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Failed Adoption?  Don't give up! ~Linda Wynn

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Situation1:  MATCHED!

This birth mother and father are committed to the adoption plan.  Any race, religion, married couples, single, gay/gay couples are eligible to apply.

Due Date:  12/21/15

Gender: Girl

State:  Florida

Baby's Race:  African American

Situation 2:  MATCHED!

The birth father has had very little contact with this boy since a young age.  The birth mother is financially unstable.  Any race, religion, married couples, single, gay/gay couples are eligible to apply.  Looking for an open adoption with visitation.

Age:  8 years old

Gender:  Boy

State:  Florida

Race:  African American

Email us at for detailed information about any situation or to obtain a registration packet and/or sample contract.