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                                                                  "Paperwork to PARENTHOOD!"                          





"Children are a Gift from God and in God's plan, each child was created with a purpose."  ~Linda Wynn

Mission Statement:

Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC is committed to assisting families with the details of preparing all their paperwork, including but not limited to, identifying a licensed clinical social worker, USCIS applications, dossier preparation and being ready to adopt either domestically or internationally in a manner that's professional and sensitive to your individual needs.  Once your child is home, we continue to work with you in all post-adoption details and paperwork.

Working with your adoption agency and/or attorney will expedite your process!!

Who We Are:    

The organization was founded in 2011 by  Linda and David, who themselves are adoptive parents of two daughters from Guatemala.  David and Linda have an extensive background, of more than 14 years working in the adoption field and a lifetime working in the child and youth development fields. Because of their personal adoption experience, they are committed to provide the expertise necessary to complete your adoption in as stress free a way as possible. David and Linda devoted many years of their lives teaching and working with children of all ages. 

We believe that each child is created by God with a purpose and that each deserves a loving, nurturing and caring family that will provide a secure environment in which to be raised.  We work closely with each  adoptive family so the process goes smoothly and quickly.  

How We Came To Be:

"It's Mother's Day. I write this with tears of joy and a heart that's filled with love awaiting your entry into our lives."

So began the first of many journals that chronicle the highs and lows of our 20 month journey to become adoptive parents. Finally, patience and perseverance were rewarded with a beautiful 3 1/2 month old baby girl.

When in Guatemala to visit our daughter, Linda walked past a cathedral and was.........

"drawn into the vestibule by the church organ and singing. It was Communion time. With you in my arms Julia, I went to the altar and received Communion. As I turned and faced the congregation, tears welled up in my eyes. With you, at long last, in my arms and with Christ in my heart, my life felt complete."

From that moment on, it has been Linda's goal to assist other infants, toddlers and young children and interested adults to know the joy of parenthood. Today, Linda and David Wynn, as founders of Adopting Angels Consultants, stand ready to assist others in the fulfillment of their dream to be parents.

What We Offer:

  •  Our staff is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals, most of whom are adoptive parents.
  •  Our staff understands and is fully prepared to provide detailed attention to the technical aspect of the adoption process and offer the emotional support, counseling, guidance and education needed throughout and after the adoption. 
  •  We work with citizens of the United States who want to adopt either domestically or internationally.
  •  Our services include both pre and post adoption paperwork and support.
  •  A network of highly qualified professionals who will assist in completing your adoption successfully.
  •  A strong desire to establish and maintain a solid, positive reputation in the field. That motivation makes each and every family our most important client.
  •  An individual plan that specifically accommodates your needs; whether it be to just answer some questions or prepare a profile, work on your dossier or all of these. The plan prepared for you will be different from someone else's simply because we are all unique in our own way.



All information provided to Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC is strictly confidential.

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