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Adoption Agencies & Attorneys

Domestic Adoption!

Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC is proudly ready to service your clients in all facets of the adoption triad.  With years of experience and a love and commitment to adoption, we look forward to partnership with you.  Our high quality and sensitive service and reasonable pricing makes us unique and stand proud of our mission to assist in adoption. 

We can do all of the following to assist you!!!

Domestic Adoption:

Birth Mother/Father Intake

Initial Meeting/Consultation

Completion of Necessary Forms including but not limited to:

  • Adoption Disclosure
  • Birth Parent Service Plan
  • Birth Parent History
  • Permission for Blood Testing
  • Affidavit of Birth Father/Mother
  • Selection of Adoptive Couple
  • Election re: Separate Counsel
  • Non-support Affidavit
  • Acknowledgment of Counseling Services
  • Procedure re: Disruption of Adoption before Finalization
  • ICWA Affidavits
  • Waiver of Paternity, when possible

Collection of Necessary Identification including but not limited to:

  • Driver's License
  •  Social Security Card
  • Medicaid Card
  • Birth Certificates
  •  Marriage Certificate
  •  Divorce Decrees
  •  Proof of Pregnancy

Birth Mother Support

  • Meetings bi-monthly or as frequently as needed
  • Phone support as needed
  • Transportation when necessary

Adoptive Parents - Obtain all necessary documents including but not limited to:

  • Family Information
  • Consents to Release Information
  • Adoption Disclosure
  • Adoption Contract

Adoptive Family Support

  • Provide updates as necessary
  • Arrange for and meet with adoptive parents and birth mother/father
  • Meeting prior to delivery
  • Assistance with placement documents
  • Post Placement Reports - Work with AP social worker


  • Pre-birth contact with hospital maternity
  • Provide necessary documentation to birthing facility
  • Meet with birth and adoptive family, as necessary
  • Obtain necessary medical forms/information, discharge papers etc.
  • Signing of Consent to TPR


  • Prepare ICPC paperwork
  • Submit electronically to appropriate designated person-by-state
  • Notify family of approval


  • Birth Mother Support
  • Adoptive Family Support
  • Obtaining Post-placement Reports for agency/attorney

International Adoption:

Home Study

  • Support and education regarding the home study process
  • Locating a LCSW affiliated with a Hague Accredited agency
  • Identifying necessary documents
  • Preparing for the interview

USCIS (aka Immigration)

  • Locating and completing the correct form(s)
  • Identifying the necessary documents
  • Submission to the appropriate local immigration office


  • Identifying the country specific documents
  • Assistance with the necessary certification
  • Addresses needed to have the documents certified


  • Needed travel supplies
  • Travel alerts
  • Country specific information
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel reservations

Returning Home

Information on:

  • Legal requirements
  • Post placement visitations and reports
  • Country specific requirements re: post adoption


Fees are available upon request.  Adopting Angels Consultants can process all of the above services for a "bundled" fee or separately as an item by item fee. Contact us at for more information.