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You may be able to offset the cost of your adoption by applying for an adoption grant or loan.  This would be in addition to the IRS Non-refundable Adoption Tax Credit. 


IRS Adoption Tax Credit: 


A Child Waits:   (Low cost loans for adoption completion - maximum of $10,000)  866-999-2445

Home for Good Foundation:  (Free Christian based fundraising materials)

Care Foundation:  (Financial assistance for international adoptions)

His Kids Too: (Grants)  850-524-KIDS

The Lydia Fund:  (Grants for overseas fees and expenses.  Christian married couples only)  612-338-7653 ext. 345

King Kids Adoption Ministries:  (Grants and fundraising information, various amounts)

Shaohannah's Hope:  (Grants for Christian famlies only)  800-784-5361

Gift of Adoption:  (Grants for adoption completion $2000 to $5000)  877-905-2367

Life Song for Orphans:  (Matching grants and loans for Christian families for $1000 to $4000, fundraising support)  309-747-3556

God's Grace Adoption Ministry:  (Grants for Christian married couples earning less than $60,000) 

Help Us Adopt:

China Care Foundation: (Grants, loans and medical assistance for China adoption)  203-861-6395

Family Legacies: (Interest free loans for Christian families) 262-364-5527

Shepherd's Crook Ministries:  (Fundraising assistance to families adopting waiting child) 

ABBA Fund:

Oxford Adoption Foundation:

North American Council on Adoptable Children:

National Military Family Association:

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation:

Jewish Child Care Association:

Chase New Additions:  (Lower introductory rates on a new home equity line of credit to help families adopt) 866-345-7687


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