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Welcome to Adopting Angels Consultants!

Although we are not a licensed adoption agency, we do provide a variety or pre and post adoption services to adoptive parents, adoption agencies and adoption attorneys!

Having worked in the adoption field for more than 14 years both domestically and internationally and having the experience of adopting two children from Guatemala but being in the process six times, we fully understand the stressors related to adoption and the confusion regarding the paperwork: when it's due, who it's sent to, the time frame for each as well as what comes first, second, third....  The paper trail in identifying, retrieving and certifying your documents can be overwhelming and challenging especially when you haven't been through the process before and are unaware of all that it entails. Adopting Angels Consultants will help you navigate what appears to be a complicated and frustrating process and help you avoid adoption problems that could arise helping you feel more secure about each step.  We're available to listen, make suggestions, and work closely with you to help you identify your dossier documents and certify and appostille them in an expeditious way.  We CAN do this for you as well.  In the end, your adoption process will be accomplished in a less complicated way, more expeditiously and with fewer concerns. 

We want to guide you through the process, whether it be domestically or internationally, and accommodate your individual needs!

In addition, we provide case management for adoption agencies and adoption attorneys here in the State of Florida.  We assist your birth and adoptive families from Intake up to and including submission of ICPC documents.  Our expertise and experience has united many families and children that were meant to share their lives together.

We believe that God has created each of us and in His plan, we have all been created with a purpose.  We are available to assist you in meeting the plan that was meant to be yours.

Inspired by the experience of adoption, by our thankfulness to God for His great gifts of life He has blessed us with and by the dire need of so many children, we have chosen to devote our lives to helping others move forward to have their dreams come true. 

We would welcome the opportunity to help you experience the joy we personally encounter daily so you are ready to identify a child, enriching your life and creating your family.

Warm regards,


Linda Wynn, M.S.



"It's not my ear you whispered into, but my heart.

  It's not my lips you kissed, but my soul.



   as Linda Bollon Wynn                                                                                                                                 


All information provided to Adopting Angels Consultants, LLC. is strictly confidential.